Grade 8

 Grade 8 is the beginning of your High School Career!

  • For the next two years you will work intensely in a wide range of subjects.
  • You will attempt to identify your interests, abilities and skills so that, by the end of Grade 9, you will be able to choose your subjects to matriculate in.

  • You work harder than in Primary School, and you are expected to be more independent.
  • We go on amazing outings to places such as: Cool Runnings, Paper Making Factory, and, while studying transport, use all forms of public transport to get to Robben Island and back.
  • In Bible Ed. we study the major historical events recorded in the Bible in order to help students develop a Christian worldview.  This helps students solidify why they believe what they do as Christians and enables them to better share and defend their faith.
  • We work hard – but there is also time for FUN!


  • English: Photography, Short Story Audio CD, African Country Investigation
  • Afrikaans: Africa Presidents, Music Video
  • NS: Tectonic Plates Puzzle, Atoms PowerPoint
  • SS: Transport Interviews, Memorials Booklet
  • Tech: Electronic display board with anti-theft device, How to change a tyre
  • LO: Rhino Awareness (varies), Career in Astronomy research
  • EMS: Accounting Process Practical

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