Grade 5

Grade 5 is all about growing and developing independence.

  • We learn how to research, how to give your opinion and find answers that aren’t always written down. This is a fun journey.
  • We explore dinosaurs and make our own books.

  • In the second term, we concentrate on Egypt and there is always great excitement in finding out how mummy’s are made. We head off to the Library to put into practice our research skills and make posters of Egypt.
  • We look at South Africa’s geography, people and resources. We head off to Scratch Patch were we can look for our own precious stones and are given a tour showing us how the stones look like they do. We follow that up with moving into the realm of space and view our world from a different angle. An outing to the Planetarium is always enjoyed by everyone.
  • Language and Maths skills are extended daily until they become wonderful story creators and writers. Many new Maths concepts are taught in Grade 5.
  • In Bible in Grade 5 we look at the main characters of the Old Testament from Abraham to Nehemiah.
  • The children enjoy ICT, Music, Art, Drama and PT on a weekly basis.

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