Grade 4


Grade 4 is an exciting year!

  • It’s the first year of the Intermediate Phase. The first year of paper assessments and learning to study independently.
  • We learn about our local history and take an outing to The Castle of Good Hope where we explore dungeons and huge dining-rooms. If we are lucky, we may even see the soldiers shooting the canon!

  • We learn about what it was like to go to school in the “Olden Days”, writing on slate boards, and wearing strange clothing. like pinafores and caps – then we go on an outing to a Victorian School where we experience that for ourselves.
  • We learn about Mammals, and study the whales that frequent our very own shores and discuss the differences between them and sharks.
  • We look at the Watercycle, do experiments and plant vegetables in Natural Science.
  • In Maths, we measure, weigh and break items into fractions and play with numbers. We use these skills to experiment with baking and make some yummy treats.
  • We learn how to knit and then use that skill to contribute to Outreaches like knitting squares for a blankets.

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