Grade 3

Grade 3 is a fun and exciting year.

  • We start the year learning about our heritage and explore various aspects about South Africa including our national emblems.
  • In the second term, we learn about Just Nuisance and visit his statue in Jubilee Square as well as visiting the Simonstown Museum.  We learn about water transport and have the opportunity to create our own boats that have to float and move.

  • The third term, turns us into fearsome pirates. We learn all about Pirates, have a dress up day, a Pirate Party and take a cruise aboard the Jolly Roger Pirate Ship at the Waterfront. It is a real adventure!
  • In the fourth term, we learn about the mountains, flora and fauna in the Western Cape. This includes lots of walks to collect samples and data.
  • Throughout the year we do daily reading, language and maths activities. We learn to work with time, measurement, money and fractions, as well as counting, number concepts to 1000 and problem solving. Let’s not forget how good our cursive writing is by the end of Grade 3!
  • We have weekly singing, drama, ICT and PT classes.
  • Throughout the year we focus on Jesus, his life and work. We look at lessons he taught and learn how we can relate these to our own lives, as well as the character traits that we, as a School, desire to achieve, such as humility, servant-heartedness, gratitude and generosity.

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