Grade 2


  Grade 2 is such a fun year!

  • We start the year learning about birds and visit Boulder’s Penguin Sanctuary and Rondevlei Nature Reserve to observe local birds.
  • In the second term, we look at insects and visit the Honeybee Foundation. This year we made a Lapbook on them and each week studied a different insect.

  • In the third term, we observe earthworms, create our own wormery and visit the Earthworm Foundation. We also look at the importance of Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.
  • In the fourth term,  we observe how seeds grow and the importance of plants and trees and enjoy a walk in the Arboretum. Finally, we look at our sea life and sharks, and we visit the Shark Centre.
  • In Literacy, we read all about “The Magic Key Adventures” and the “Mr Men” series, which the pupils love. In Numeracy, we count up to 200. We do lots of doubling and halving, we learn to add and subtract tens and units and lots more!
  • This year we are doing lots of Afrikaans and even learning how to do cursive!
  • We learn about famous men and women in the Bible, like Moses, Joshua and Miriam, and we learn what it is about them that made them exceptional like humility, patience, loyalty and honesty, and how we can apply these characteristics in our lives each day.

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