Grade 1

 Grade 1 is FUN!

This is a very important year for setting the tone of the children’s school career. We concentrate on Literacy and Numeracy Skills in order for the children to have a solid foundation for learning, and we have fun doing it.

In the beginning of the year we are introduced to the characters of letterland and have lots of fun doing various activities. We make interesting insects when we learn about “i”, eat watermelon when we do “w” and bake brownies when we do “b”!

Each term we have a different theme:

  • In Term 1, we learn about Rock Pools and visit the Aquarium.
  • In Term 2, we learn about Space and we visit the Planetarium.
  • In Term 3, we learn about the Big 5 and visit The Giraffe House near Paarl.
  • In Term 4, we learn about how different countries celebrate Christmas. We end this theme by visiting the Baxter Theatre to watch their Christmas production.

Our Bible lessons are very exciting too! We start learning about creation, Noah and other Old Testament stories. Later we learn about Jesus and his disciples. One of our goals is to grow children who are Christ-like and show them ways to be servant-hearted, generous and show humility and gratitude. We believe that these characteristics are vital for a happy classroom and home!

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